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Wisdom of the White Wisdom of the White

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very nice always wish I could produce a song like this, but after hearing this I must not of tried hard enough, so next track I produce I shall try and do something similar to this but in my own style.

With that said I'm also working on improving my mixing and mastering skills, utilizing what I have and like your response below I play by ear as well, I only briefly know about music theory as well, I play by what sounds good together.

The song has no negatives as far as I can tell, worth a download for sure and just has such a great sound to it and vibe. The bass is just right considering not every track requires such low bass this songs instruments meld so well together. The atmosphere pulls you in and like what I produce which is mostly video game style tracks, this to me also fits a 2D side scrolling adventure indie game in my eyes like games such as Dust an Elysian Tale.

I can't think of a constructive improvement to it even, the percussion fits it to so well like even that is just perfect, so I guess with that said 5/5! Well Done, also added you to my fav's ;)

TheDukesDepot responds:

Dust an Elysian Tail? excellent compliment for sure. Thank you. I'm always glad to bring inspiration to others. Let me know when you finish your composition. I'll surely give it a listen.